Fabric Postcards

I have been busy putting the finishing touches to my postcards. There will be a range of them, made by all 6 group members, for sale at our Focus Exhibition to be held at Balmain Watch House starting one week from today 29th July and running through till Sunday 7th July.

Each group member has enjoyed making these cards inher own style. And the best thing . . they are totally usable as they can be sent through the post. Some people put them in a cellophane envelope so that they they can be admired by the postal staff (we’ve been told that they enjoy the novelty). If you want the stamp franked you need to hand them in over the counter as the machines only put those funny little orange lines on the envelopes these days.

People love getting them for a gift instead of a bought card. One friend I gave a fabric postcard to for Christmas one year tells me that she uses it as a coaster for her morning cup of tea every day.  How lovely!


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One Response to Fabric Postcards

  1. Jane Bodnaruk says:

    Using them as a coaster – what a good idea – maybe we should be calling them coaster cards.

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