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Relearning old skills

In March I had a brain malfunction (the experts are still undecided about what it was; stroke, seizures, TIA) which has left a number of challenging gaps.  I keep discovering things that are either missing from my memory and / … Continue reading

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Flight – Kite

The second challenge for our 2015 exhibition was Kite.  The guidelines included it must have a tail but did not need to be able to fly.  Below is a teaser of my first attempt. I may make a second kite … Continue reading

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Re made

This piece I originally started as an entry for AQC in 2014 but it was rejected.  I have remade it for our 2015 exhibition.  Here is a slightly blurry fragment.

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Flight – Nature

The first challenge we set was a piece of textile art 40 cm x 100 cm using the above theme. Here is a small section of my work.

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Goop results

It worked. What I learned was the process requires some warmth and as it is winter in Sydney, I had to keep moving the magazine into the sun. Once the ink had softened you could remove ink with a cloth, … Continue reading

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Playing with citrus goop remover

Sometime ago I vaguely remember something about altering pages in National Geographic magazines using those citrus based liquid used for removing stickers and such like. Armed with those few scant memories, i poured some citrus liquid between to pages and … Continue reading

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I forgot to show you the fabric I added to the dye bath.  Both pieces of fabric went in dry and they came out mottled. The fabric on the left is 100% pfd cotton and on the right is muslin/scrim.

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