Today I dyed some rope for a future project.  I hope it will become part of my Fantasy piece for our 2015 exhibition with the theme of Flight.

Rope dyeingCotton cover rope and partially machine rope have been place in a procion dye bath and left to stew for a few hours.  I deliberately did not stir the pot for the first half hour as I was trying for an uneven or mottled dye job.

In with my dye powder I keep a bag of fabric and lace scraps.  These are offcuts from other projects and include silk, rayon and cotton.  Sometimes these are boring or dyeing rejects which I overdye.  I placed some scraps of fabric into the dye bath.  Sometimes the dye is “exhausted” and they come out much the same colour as they went into the pot.  Sometimes you get the most extraordinary pieces.  Stay tuned for the outcome.

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One Response to Dyeing

  1. cinsinoz says:

    Kerry. This looks exciting. I hope it turns out as you envisage. Good day to be outdoors as well. Cindy

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