Playing with citrus goop remover

Sometime ago I vaguely remember something about altering pages in National Geographic magazines using those citrus based liquid used for removing stickers and such like.

Armed with those few scant memories, i poured some citrus liquid between to pages and closed the magazine.  After 15 minutes I peeked; not much doing.



Waited another half hour and using an old tooth brush moved the ink.


The words do not seem to dissolve but the image does.  Uhm, not sure what to do now! LOL So I left the magazine closed and this happened.



So it is sitting under the verandah.  Does the citrus stuff evaporate or dry?  Does it remain a gooey mess.  Time will tell and I will let you know!

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One Response to Playing with citrus goop remover

  1. Jane Bodnaruk says:

    that looks very gloopy! you have been busy

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