Goop results

It worked.

What I learned was the process requires some warmth and as it is winter in Sydney, I had to keep moving the magazine into the sun.

Once the ink had softened you could remove ink with a cloth, move the ink around with a brush or finger (I am sure other implements would work).  You could remove ink, whether text or image, this is useful as a lot of black text or dark image tends to create a murky result and obscures other inks.  Of course that is fine if that’s what you are after.

A cotton bud was a very useful tool for removing discrete areas of colour such as text in the middle of a image.  Dampening the cotton bud with more citrus solution allowed a very controlled mixing of colours or blurring of text.Citric pages Citric page 2 Citric page 3

In the last image, I had gotten distracted and forgot to separate the last half dozen pages, till the following day.  The pages had begun to dry and were partially stuck together.  Still an interesting effect.

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One Response to Goop results

  1. cinsinoz says:

    Kerry. Looks like you had a lot of fun and turned out some interesting papers. Also love the dyeing you did. All will be put to good use at some time.

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