Sun printing experimentation

Today we met at Margaret’s house for one of our regular meetings, and at the same time had some fun experimenting with sun printing. We were unsure whether it would be a success in the 35 degree heat, but we did have some success. Barbara kindly led us in our experiments and generously supplied us with dyes and resources.

Here is Barbara showing us how its done and then our table full of work.Barbara sunprinting


We used commercial stencils, paper doileys and natural materials to create a mask. Salt sprinkled on the wet dye also gave a good effect.

Here are some of the results, these are all Margaret’s prints. sunprinted fabric1

This one shows the leaf and then the print that is made under the leaf as the fabric is exposed to the sun. The sea salt also gives a great effect the one below shows a very strong leaf print as well.

sunprinted fabric 2

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  1. Great Post! Love hat stencil too! I hadnt thought to use salt on sundyes! &

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