Paper Napkins

My previous post showed the proposed layout for my Flight piece about travel.

The images used are from paper napkins (serviettes).  To negate potential copyright issues I will be editing and altering the images with various mixed media techniques.  There are lots of artists who use this product and have no idea who “invented” the technique  but it is a great way to incorporate imagery.

Here is a short explanation of applying paper napkin  onto paper, fabric or canvas

1. Your napkin will be two or three ply , this refers to the number of layers.  Split your napkin, usually only the top layer is printed.  We will be using the top layer but keep the others as they can be used to create a textured base.  Occasionally the middle layer will give you an  ethereal ghosting images for the base of another project.

2. Using either matt gel medium (my preferred) or Modpodge apply to the paper or canvas.  Immediately lay down the napkin top.

3. Brush a small amount of the medium into the centre of the tissue and start gently brushing out from the centre. With practice, you will be able to smooth out the wrinkles as you go. The finished surface will never be wrinkle free, but large smooth areas can be achieved with practice.

4. Leave to dry.

5. You now have a vaguely textured surface which has lots of ‘tooth’, the ideal surface for all manner of surface techniques.  It enables the surface to hold onto more powdery types of colouring materials.

6. If you lay tissue onto a fabric, you will create a kind of fabric paper, which can be easily stitched by machine or hand.

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