Dyeing dollies, lace and napkins

The very unexciting picture is of a whole variety of lace, dollies, muslin, napkins, tassels etc. sitting in six different coloured dye baths. Later in this post I will show you the end product.

Dye pots


As I only every do small dye batches of a few fat quarters or a metre of fabric I only need small containers.  Here you can see I use these empty fruit containers (800ml) or if doing smaller quantities ziplock bags.  My preferred dye is Drimerene K because I can make a dye solution that is stable for about 12 months, although this batch is about 18 months old.  This allows me to make custom dye mixes with the six dyes I have: black, red, blue, yellow, green, turquoise and fuchsia.  Also I can paint fabric with the dye.  I purchase these from Batik Oetoro http://www.dyeman.com/ or Kraftkolour  www.kraftkolour.net.au both do excellent mail order and are very helpful.  The dyeing process is very similar to Procion dyeing

Some of these below will end up in my fabric books, others will be gifted or end up in my stash.  I have posted a picture of each colour group.  I accidentally added just black to one dye pot, quickly tipped it out and added violet, hence the dark group.

DSCN3437 (1024x768) DSCN3438 (1024x768) DSCN3439 (1024x768) DSCN3440 (1024x768) DSCN3441 (1024x768) DSCN3442 (1024x768)

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2 Responses to Dyeing dollies, lace and napkins

  1. What a happy accident the dark ones are! I think they are my favs!
    I hadn’t heard of that dye before so thanks for sharing!

  2. Love all the dyeing you have done Kerry.

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