More Dyeing

Today I am dyeing muslin. braid, lace motifs and some odds and ends. But the weather is not co operating. It was suppose to be 20 degrees centigrade! It’s 1 pm est and only 16 degrees. The fog didn’t lift till quite late so not even being positioned were there is usually full sun has helped the temperature. By the way it is Winter here!!!

As I am dyeing lots of small items such as lace motifs, I dye them in disposable cups. I can do many different colours using small quantities of dyestuff and chemicals. The other advantage is they are easy to tip into a colander so you do not lose the small pieces down the drain. I reuse the cups till they die. My preference is for the clear plastic cups as I can make sure the dye is evenly distributed. I acquired the current batch at a sports carnival; they were being used for cordial and then throw into a bin. Washed them in soapy water and pegged on the line to dry.

Back to the dyeing. Although I have used warm water everything will probably be paler than usual. I am having Lunch whilst they finish dyeing and then it will be onto the rinsing.

Once they are dry I will post some photographs.

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