Lace made on water soluble sheet

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a piece for our upcoming exhibition.
I have been creating some lace on soluble sheet.  This product goes by various names, including Romeo, Wash Away, Solvy, Aquabond, Solusheet , Vilene 541 etc.

This is not my technique, I learned this in a workshop with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn. If you are unfamiliar with this technique watch this youtube video  entitled Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn are ‘Double Trouble’ at the 2009 Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show.

The basic steps were:

–  draw circles on the soluble sheet.

– free motion stitch around the circles taking care to link each circle to one another.

– hand embroider buttonhole stitch over each circle.

– sew seed beads onto the buttonhole stitches on each circle.

– cut away any excess soluble sheet.

– pin onto a piece of polystyrene (photo); this stops the piece from distorting.


– rinse away as much of the soluble sheet as you desire. Soak in warm water if you wish to remove all of the soluble. (photo)


The lace is underneath as the polystyrene floats.  The cup has water in it and is being used to keep the lace submerged as I wanted to remove all of the soluble.  I do not always remove all of the soluble as it can be used to stiffen or to shape the piece.  Remember if the item is to be washed any residue soluble will dissolve in the wash!

This lace can be used on just about anything including clothing.  If you want to see what I used it for you will have to wait till the Exhibition.

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